The NEP is dedicated to filling the gaps in our understanding about our nation’s ethics education and to developing innovative initiatives in ethics education and assessment. Our research investigates the engagement and practice of ethics across the country.  By creating a comprehensive and evolving picture of where we are, we can foster deeper awareness of current challenges and provide tools for improvement.

The specific objectives and purpose of this project shall be:

  1. to provide interactive forum to investigate critical questions about ethics education
  2. to create and sustain a network of educators and researchers involved with ethics education
  3. to generate curricula that facilitates ethics education
  4. to innovate assessment methods and tools for assessing ethics education
  5. to engage public programming and other such initiatives that align with the NEP mission
  6. to sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote any aspect of ethics education, such as curricula development, assessment methods and tools, teacher education, and student engagement, and community or public programing.