Our Tools & Resources

NEP researchers work alongside institutions and fellow scholars to develop tools, methods and innovative approaches for evaluating and refining ethics education across the country.

As the NEP grows and creates, these resources will be shared for public use below.

Ethics Course Identification Tool

An automated weighted search tool that scores courses for ethical content based on the presence of 305 ethics-related terms in the course title and description included in a course catalog.

Instructor Learning Theory Survey

A brief survey was developed to systematically gather information from instructors regarding their pedagogical methods and goals in the domain of ethics.

Student Learning Experiences Survey

This survey is based directly on the Instructor Learning Theory Survey but it has been modified to be completed retrospectively by students.

Interview Guide for Students

To understand the ethical dilemmas they face, relevance of existing opportunities, and perceptions of institutional messaging re: ethics as foundation for identifying gaps and designing new curricular and co-curricular opportunities.

Design Thinking Resources

Overview of the design thinking process we used, and how we moved from student interview data through each stage to arrive at particular curricular prototypes.

Details of Specific Curricular Prototypes

Narrative descriptions of curricular prototypes we tried and the problems they were designed to solve.